Explore our complete menu of painting and staining services for your next commercial or residential project. We are the go to Anne Arundel County Painting Professionals. We offer power washing, paint stripping and removal as well as drywall and plaster repair as part of our surface prep services, as well as custom cabinet jobs, and waterproofing and sealing as needed for all our interior and exterior projects. To receive a free estimate, contact our team of friendly representatives for more information.


Our painting and staining services are designed to help you with a project from start to finish. We will look over your space and make recommendations about your paint job. Then, we'll move into color choices. Our experts can help you choose colors that complement your d├ęcor and your needs.

Before we start painting, our team of professional painters always preps the space and the surfaces to be coated for an even finish and longer lifespan. When we apply the last coat of paint, you'll see why more home and business owners prefer using Bay Country Painters for complete painting services.


Outside painting requires a different set of skills than inside painting does. Our process involves cleaning, sanding, and priming surfaces to ensure an even and weather-resistant finish. We use high-quality paints and stains designed to hold up in outdoor applications. Our expert employees follow all recommended safety standards, whether we're working at the ground level or near the roof.

Our exterior work for residential and commercial projects can completely transform the feel of a space. Give your home, building, or office an exterior that people will enjoy driving by for years to come.


Before we apply a fresh coat of exterior paint or stain, the exterior surface must be cleaned of existing dirt, debris, mold, and mildew. Our staff has performed thousands of power wash jobs with incredible results. We have many regularly scheduled annual residential and commercial maintenance power wash jobs. Whether it is time to recoat or not, our clients have been very pleased to see the wonderful results of a freshly washed home or business. A regularly scheduled maintenance power wash also extends the life of your existing coatings.


Before we apply a fresh coat of paint, the surface may require paint stripping and removal services. We offer removal services for paints and stains. Our team holds a Lead-Safe Certification from the EPA, and we follow all industry best practices in our stripping and removal work.

Our goal is to ensure your safety while protecting all underlying surface areas from further damage. We treat your home or commercial building with care as we prepare the surface for a fresh coat of long-lasting and protective paint or stain.


Over time, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room cabinets can start to fade or reveal scratches and scuff marks. While this is a sign of love and regular use, you may not want to see the signs of age in your home or business. Bay Country Painters offers custom cabinet painting and staining restoration work to breathe fresh air into your old cabinets.

Don't trust just any painters to properly refinish and repaint your cabinets. Cabinetry often features delicate carpentry designs that require special care. Our team has the experience needed to remove existing paints and stains and repaint your cabinets so they look new again. Before you pay a premium to replace your cabinets, contact us for a free refinishing estimate. We'll help you determine if replacement or refinishing makes more sense for you. We offer so much more than your average painting company


Many of our indoor and outdoor projects require more than a final coat of paint. Waterproofing and sealing applications offer added protection from the elements. The right finishing coat on your project may not add a visible benefit to your fresh coat of paint, but it will serve a valuable purpose.

On all exterior surfaces and in basements, waterproofing and sealing allows typically porous surfaces to repel water easily. These treatments also reduce the risk of staining. Make sure your paint job and construction materials last for as long as possible when you invest in the right finishing services from Bay Country Painters.


Over time, drywall and plaster succumb to routine wear and tear. Whether you're moving a chest of drawers into the back bedroom or taking boxes out of the attic, walls face potential damage on a regular basis. When you notice major dents and damage, call the team at Bay Country Painters.

In addition to our typical prep work, we offer specialty drywall and plaster repair to handle water damage, cracking, and other problems that plague walls. Catching water damage early can help you extend the overall life of your property.