Freshen Up One Room

Hire a painter for a day to take on a small project.

For smaller projects, we offer a service called "Painter for a Day." Instead of creating a complete project, hire as many painters as you need for an eight-hour workday. Freshen up your bedrooms, give the office a once over before your new furniture arrives, or clean up your porch before hosting an event. We've got you covered for whatever you need done in a day.

Our program includes:

  • A professional painter (or a few!)
  • A well-equipped Bay Country Painters painting vehicle
  • The ability to choose from indoor or outdoor services
  • One full day of painting (eight hours total)

Redo your trim or finally paint the walls in that guest bedroom. The choice is yours. Our Painter for a Day program costs breakdown:

  • $430 per day per painter + materials
  • $100 deposit due at time of scheduling (this amount will go toward the overall $430)
  • Overtime runs at a rate of $55 per painter per hour.

Note: Customers are responsible for all paint and materials unless otherwise agreed. We offer materials invoiced at our greatly discounted wholesale price plus 25%.

Contact our team today to secure your Painter for a Day, or learn more about this unique service offering.